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This Is Phil Fish


This was a good video. And disturbing.

I’ll have to think about it more to see if I can really understand it. The parts that I think I understand already are the concept of “being famous wrong” and strange online divide between “famous” and obscure.

Also, I like the feedback loop between hating someone for being too famous and being famous for being talked about.

It must’ve been really weird for Notch to watch this video. Suddenly understanding “this is what you look like to normal people” when you thought you were a normal person.

Keywords: fame, social pressure, internet forum culture, backfires

Seems a little bit like the internet equivalent of Michael Jackson eventually learning that not all PR is good PR. hash://sha256/645de824c9c78ad0a67ccd3cd3c0864763ec89d730430dc844a4ad544643d697[#]

Don’t build a movement that’s too powerful to ride.

“Wait, if Phil Fish isn’t an asshole, then I must be?” (paraphrased)