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Sell Me This Pen

The manager gives a pen to the new recruit. “Sell me this pen.”

The recruit doesn’t miss a beat. “What kind of writing do you do?”

“Memos,” says the manager.

“For quick memos, it’s important that the tip doesn’t go dry. This pen uses a special feed mechanism so that its tip always writes the first stroke.”

“Keep going,” says the manager.

“It has a very smooth, high quality ink that is a pleasure to write with. The tip has some yield so it won’t leave indentations or damage the writing surface. It has a molded grip for comfort. It’s well made and feels solid, and it has a good balance. It’s rated for over 1,000 pages of writing and has a lifetime guarantee.”

“Very good,” says the manager. “Now let me show you how to sell a pen.”

He takes the pen back, and holds it horizontally in the air.

“This pen,” he says, “used to be owned by Mother Theresa.”