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When people fall out of the bottom of the officially sanctioned narrative space, whether it be true, false or especially (as it probably always is) some really complex combination of the two they need to rely on their own judgement and sometimes that judgement will lead to Nazis or Reptilians or some combination thereof.

I wasn’t expecting such an interesting post to come out of a thread like this.

Reminds me of this comment:


Wisdom, if you can handle it. Cognitive dissonance, if you can’t.

On being both religious and scientific.

Recently I came up with the idea that, since faith is self-reinforcing and doubt is unstable, the people who fall off the deep end of skepticism could really use some religion. Then I realized this happens fairly often with born-again Christians.

There are imperfections in our collective social consciousness, and it’s good that we can notice them. But it’s a crying shame that we aren’t smart enough to work them out alone either. Really a nail in the coffin for the individual, isn’t it?

It’s a good thing we’re told what to think… or something.

Keywords: creative process, absolutism, extremism, balance, popular culture